Update: White Box Setup Up

Hi loves,

I am back from my mini-trip. The weather is extremely hot and HUMID where I stay at home. I took some time to rethink what I want to do and take a break from working way too much. Catch up on my sleep and return back to the usual routine..etc.

When I was driving back home, I got lost in the country because I took the wrong exit. It was scary, but I found my way back home luckily. I'm sorry for those who were worried about me driving so late in the dark at night and through thunderstorm. >,<

So I picked up another class that I am currently enrolled this past Tuesday. I am busy with class assignments, papers, and discussions. =/ bummer. I'm ready to be in school mode and I guess this class just prepares me for the fall. =)

But I just wanted to let you know that I went to IKEA in ATL and bought some architecture lamps on sale for $8.99! The style were Tertial Work Lamp
I snagged two, but I think I would like one more. They are really light weight and easy to assemble. The clamp onto your desk and can be removed easily. They don't leave any wholes or marks, or any drilling involved, which is what I like about them. The handle is super easy to maneuver which is what I like about it. It also has a pivoting neck to direct the position if the lamp shade.

IKEA was a huge warehouse! Showcase rooms for bedrooms, offices, kitchens, bathrooms. Anything you name that needs to be decoration for a house they had it! Ha I was already planning out my dream apartment/house setting already!
They had some very cute light fixtures/lamps I had wanted.