Christmas Eve Dinner

Hi everyone,

Here's an update as to what I did for Christmas Eve. I was invited over for a Chinese hotpot dinner at my coworkers house with her baby kid! She's so adorable and she's all grown up since the last time I have seen her. Dinner was delicious and it has been a super long time since I have had hotpot, Chinese style. I love it during the cold weather.

We had a whole feast and finished all of this. She had golden mushrooms, shrimp, sea scallops, oyster mushrooms, and fresh garden vegetables (cilantro, and baby bok choy) form her backyard. The broth was very well seasoned with egg, tofu, and pork ribs that she had boiled for about 3hrs.

 Her daughter is so cute! She even has her own little cup for her mango juice during dinner.

 After dinner gift giving for her! I got her a little tea party set so she can play. She was so excited. It was so fun watching her opening the gift. Sometimes I want to be excited for things like her.

 Fresh organic pears after dinner.

My coworker went pecan picking at a local area in Shelby Farms. She gathered so many and we helped her cracked them all!

 It was my first time using this nut cracker. It's quite a handy tool!

They reminded me of rat brains.. LOL I'm such a science dork. >,<

Mommy's little helper put all our efforts in a big bag!!
Definitely going to make some desserts with pecans. Maybe honey roasted cinnamon pecans and pecan pies!

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