Out of Town

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer time so far. I am super sorry for not updating and keeping up with the blog posts. I've been going to Panera on my free times and just sitting in the coffee shops and reading. Lol..I know it sounds kinda boring, but I love the atmosphere and the pastries there. >.<

I will be going out of town for the weekend to ATL. Hope to have some fun and do some relaxing away from here for a bit.

I'll promise to update and blog when I come back.



Asterisque_5 said...

love those glasses on you!X

Frowne said...

Enjoy your lovely time off <3

Also, that Pond's Rejuveness cream I got from your giveaway is my favorite thing EVER right now. I think I will get a full size of it once I am out :DD

<3 you for introducing me to it!

(Also, as a side note, if you have time and feel like it, feel free to join my giveaway also: