Calpico Fluffy Bread

Yamazaki Baking Company in Japan released a new flavor line, "Calpico" to their Super Soft Bread "Funwari Shokupan" which means fluffy sandwich bread line just for the summer which debut nationwide on the shelves in supermarkets on July 1. This bread is infused with a popular Japanese drink, Calpis. The Funwari Shokupan is very soft and moist compared that already has various flavors: maple flavor for autumn, chocolate flavor for winter, and strawberry milk flavor for spring. Now the Calpis-flavored will infuse a yougurt taste to the bread.

Calpico is a refreshing white milky, yogurt tasting drink. It can be mixed with alcohol or blended in as a smoothie. In other words is concentrated lactic acid drink produced by Calpico.

Yamazaki is specializes in a variety of baked good products. This month they are featuring sweets and rolls for the Disney movie Car's. They have baked sweet buns and also pocket sandwiches packed with curry or cream filling.

According to the release of the soft bread Calpico bread series there will be a Decopan Contest series that begins 7.20- 8.21. Some very cute pictures using their breads that can be send in to enter into the contest.

I made some cookies like this a few weeks ago, I'll put a post up on the recipe and the turn out using Cookie Crisps cereal.

This one is my favorite. Its a cute little girl.

Yamazaki has a wonderful website full of recipes that uses their fluffy bread series.

Strawberry Marshmallow Toast.
Anything with strawberry I love!

This version in the Double Soft series line to make stuffed sandwich pouches.

I thought this was a very cute recipe.

Another Strawberry recipe.

Thanks for stopping by. I'm on the look out to try out this type of bread. It is really hard to find an Asian market that caters to a large Japanese food section. hrm...this is on my wishlist to try!

Thanks for reading.


ken said...

omg i didn't know there was calpico bread! thanks for sharing

frowne said...

Oh, I really want some! And the recipe looks so delicious! Like cake~

Julie Lan said...

looks delicious! I love how the toasts are decorated, i would be like noo i don't want to eat it it's too cute lol

Maeve Rachel G said...

Ah these look great! I love the panda face ^.^

Karen Law said...

I love browsing the bakeries at Asian markets but I know what you mean about having a difficult time finding one with lots of speciality Japanese bread selection. 

Thatssoron said...

wah! nihon pan