Surprise from ProFlowers

Another Surprise?!!!

I was very upset from work, but I came back home to find a huge box sitting ontop cool counter top. I was a bit confused as to who it was from and who was it for. Ha! I found out it was for me, which made me very ecstatic because it was from ProFlowers! I never received flowers sent in a box and I wondered who it was from...

ProFlowers is a company that sends flowers, gifts basket, and gourmet food gifts to someone for birthday, anniversary, get well, graduation..etc. You name it. I new it had to be flowers and I had to open it immediately because it might be suffocating in the hot box! In my mind I was wondering who is it from? had to be from a guy friend.

I love the packaging....just keeps you on your toes and make you feel very special.

Everything was securely packaged in the box. It came with a clear vase too.

I thought this was super cute and was for my birthday! A little bit late, but I accept

I thought this was was funny "product of Kenya" but it was shipped from the California area.

It came with a box of assorted chocolates. I can't emphasize how happy this whole gift made me feel after work!

18 Petite stem roses in rainbow color. They say the flowers are freshly cut from the field and you had to remove the outer petals that protect the roses so you can see it blossom after adding flower food and water.

Thank you so much Yury! I absolutely love the birthday gift and your lovely note card! It means a lot that you remember. Sending this surprise is very thoughtful and I forgive for the late shipping because of the holiday!

there's truth to the the saying..when you give girls flowers and chocolate they just become all happy =)

Toodles...thanks for reading



ken said...

how lovely =]

Shop N' Chomp said...

Sorry to hear about your day at work.  The flowers and chocolates came at the perfect time!  :D

(Yeah, I heard the winters are brutal.  T_T)