Birthday/Holiday Celebration Recap

Hi loves, I want to say thank you for all the birthday comments they mean a lot to me! I enjoyed my birthday with my sisters when I came back home with a surprise! They decorated the room with candles and lanterns and a bouquet of flowers! To top it off, I got a strawberry whipped cake which was delicious! I love ichigos and whipped cream because I don't like American cakes with the sweet icing that can give me a sugar rush =___=.

Loads of pictures.....

I woke up looking like this! AHH! scary hairdo right? I just did a natural look with basic eye makeup and a mascara that I have been loving. It's d.j.v. beautenizer Fiberwig LX mascara from Sephora. I absolutely love it and will do a review as well a FOTD with this look. You can see that my hair is showing a brown tinge from the color dye fading after all the washes.

Why am I wearing nerdy glasses? Because I had to wake up and do some computer analysis. I know....I know... but I went out to eat dimsum with my girlfriend and her family. They treated me...and oooh I craved for the yummy food! It's been a super long time that I can't even remember...

It rained when we were done eating my day was pretty much relaxing and chilling indoors.
I came back home surprised by the decor of the living room!
My sisters had set up a little table with xmas lights and tea candles for my birthday. I love the flowers.

Strawberry Cream Shortcake...I guess...haha I just know it's delicious! I love the sparkle glow sticks on it.

I can't believe I'm one year older!

cutting the cake! ah..look so chubby!
flowers =)
bottom of the vase decoration.
my younger sister gave me some Little Golden Bear snacks! I love em. sweet and light.
It comes in Chocolate, Strawberry, and milk flavors with this big box.

They're individually packaged with 6 bears inside..LOL
Strawberry...another favorite

There is also a honeydew flavor.. which is also yummy too!

Double-ended brush set from Sonia Kashuk line. =)

I'm satisfied overall. Cake, gifts, flowers, what more can I ask for? I didn't get to see the fireworks though. I was drained out and the fireworks were not that exciting in the part of town I live in.

My dad cooked me a birthday meal on Tuesday (his day off) and helped him out. I didn't take pictures because I was busy eating! lol..

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Rainy Days & Lattes said...

The brushes look so good :) And so does your cake! ^_^ 

Shop N' Chomp said...

Love the cake!  Happy belated!!  :D

Frowne said...

Uwah! It's your birthday~
Happy belated <3

Looking at all the photos, I got such a home-y feeling, it felt like I was seriously there with you hanging out. So much love!

kim said...

Happy Birthday, Yumiko! what an amazing surprise! I really like your bouquet of birthday flowers! That cake looks so delicious! You had a wonderful birthday! lovely pictures!