Food Review: Shabu Zen

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend so far! I'm posting more. Hopefully something that will keep you interested, or maybe not. =/ I've been wanting to do a review on a really good restaurant that I ate at when I was in Boston named Shabu Zen. This is a Japanese Hot Pot Restaurant. So, if you are around the area and a food savvy person, I definitely recommend this place. It has quite a few varieties to choose from for such a cheap price.

Shabu Zen offers two locations both are very convenient to get to with the subway.

80 Brighton Avenue
Allston, MA 02134

16 Tyler Street
Boston, MA 02111

I went to the one that is near Chinatown. I found a great place to avoid the cold weather and enjoy a great spicy Japanese dinner. Although, it was yummy the awkward part was going during Valentine's Day and sitting near couples.

If you like Shabu-Shabu or Asian Hot pot and don't mind cooking your food, I would definitely go!

Here's more of my trip from Boston that I previously posted.

Let's get started to the main course. I couldn't wait any longer since I was starving after all the touring around the city. I need a quick dinner.

When I sat down to read the menu, they automatically offered me sencha. It was green and you can taste the flavor of it. It's a good grade of tea because I am usually very picky about green tea, and they also offered a hot hand towel to clean up.
This is their menu offering for Main Courses.

All courses are served with assorted vegetable plate and dessert. Choice of udon noodle, Vermicelli, or steamed jasmine rice.

" Guests can choose from a variety of seafood and fine meats, which are served thinly sliced with a plate of fresh vegetables."

 I couldn't makeup my mind of having Kobe Beef or the Seafood Platter. Everything sounded delicioius.

After I ordered, they gave a whole bunch of garnishes and sauces for your meal. 

"A variety of exotic garnishes and sauces are provided with each meal for dipping the seafood, meats and vegetables, after cooking them in one of our delightful homemade broths."

I decided to get the Seafood platter that consists of (salmon, cod, scallops, fish cake, and squid).

I settled for the Mongolian spicy broth for instead of the regular broths.

The broth was amazingly spicy, but I love spicy food! It had real chunks of beef bones to give it flavor and dried chili peppers boiling in the soup!

Each meal came with vegetables and I picked udon for my side.

I was quite pleased with the overall food quantity and taste. Although, it requires you to cook your food, I didn't mind. I was feeling hot afterward and I wished I had someone to enjoy my food with. I don't like eating alone by myself. To me it seems sad and reminds me of a loner. =( Hope to visit my friend again and have dinner with him too!

Sorry for the picture qualities. They were taken with my SE phone. ^__^
Overall...$16.05 is a decent price range. I couldn't finish the udon, my everything was yummy in my tummy! I was one happy trooper! (@_@)  The service was good so that they came to make sure your pot was not over boiling! It was a busy night, so they were not as tentative in providing good customer service =/, but I am appreciate when I dine out.

It's a good place for family outings and casual dinner dates for something warm and tasteful.
Check it out if you are ever around the area.


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