Happy Vday & Updates

Hey lovelies,

Happy late Valentine's Day. I hope everyone had a great one with their special someone, but if not, celebrating and treating yourself out is not a bad option either. I have been out of town for a business trip and will be updating about my trip when I get back tomorrow. I am super behind in everything, but I'm trying to keep up and not fall behind. Since we had a winter storm Thursday, the night before I left, I went to another part of town that has even more snow. Can you guess where it is at?

Did you figure out where I am at? Maybe this picture will help you out.

I will upload more pictures when I get back home. I am leaving you guys some pictures for what was going on around town for Valentine's Days whle I was roaming around.
 There were a whole bunch of roses for sale on Valentines Day downtown. All the business men got out from work and getting ready for their date walking around with boqeuts of flower. The subway also had a bunch of people with balloons and flowers walking around!
 They had flower vases that you can just take with you.

This man actually hand wraps it and make it very pretty for your special someone.

So are you wondering how I spent my Vday? Alright I'm going to give you an mini valentine review!

If you have not figured out where I am at, I am actually in Boston. Yes, it was super cold and lots of snow on the side of the road. Boston has a lot of cool places to see and go spend time at. It's only 4 hrs away from NY!

So on the 14th, I spent the day by myself viewing the bay area by the aquarium. The sunset looks absolutely stunning. You can see airplanes take off from the strip as they fly into the sky.

I walked through Boston Common and went to the Frog Pond which offers an  ice skating rink for the public. It was inside the park, but nothing was very glorious since everything was covered with snow. It was very fun and interesting to watch the people ice skate. There was music playing around the rink. It would be a fun and romantic date.

Here is my outfit of the day. I love this pink blazer!

I walked further down and found a really cool Japanese Shabu restaurant called Shabu Zen. The price is very reasonable and very cheap with such great variety. I will do an individual review on it and updates about my trip.

I then decided to stroll around the pastry shops at chinatown. The cakes look oiishi! I wanted to try all of them!

I am going to go back home and start baking goodies now. But I think my plan would back fire since it would take me years and years of practice. It's just more convenient and cheaper to get it at Chinatown. However, the closes one from where I live is Chicago.  =(

Before heading back home on the subway I decided to bring back a little something for my uncle and aunt to celebrate Vday.

Look at this cake that's the shape of a mouse! Aren't they cute. I wonder if I can take them back home and do research in the lab. LOL
These cakes are super cheap too! The almond cake look very delicious. I like Asian cakes compared to Americans because they are not so sweet, usually filled with whipped cream and fruits (like strawberries, which is my fav!), and are light than dense!
HAHA every time I look at this, these are a great laugh since they are piggies. So cute! I don't want to eat them at all.

^_^ cake! my favorite, I want to take one of these bake home. I can only look and dream about it! It would be too risky to take back home on the plane! I want one of these for my birthday. >_<

Well..that's it for now. I will post again. Sorry for leaving you craving for sweets after all these pictures.Hope all of you had a great one. I cannot wait to go back home and celebrate with my bestie since we planned out together. We're going shopping by day and a dinner date at an Italian restaurant! What did you do?




Worshipblues said...

Oh Yumi this is a delightful post. So much to admire.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Yum, I love Asian pastries. They are so pretty and so inexpensive! Love your blazer =D

Ginger_snap54 said...

Yumi those sweets are tempting. I can't resist. You made everyone drooling. luv, luv these fotos..

Blair said...

You're so evil, I'm craving for something sweet right now!!! Hope you had a nice Valentine's =D

Tash said...

YUMMMMMM. Happy valentines day!!!

Pinkstrawberrielove said...

ohhh gosh the cake looks very Delicious!

Coffretgorge said...

i agree! asian cakes are so fluffy and adorable! :)

i hope you get the ckae you like on your birthday! :)