Trip Part 2, Updates, Sneak FOTD

Hi everyone, sorry that it has been a long time since I have updated. I meant to get the part 2 of my trip on here. I have been so backed up with lots of work after I got back. I'm glad I left the cold, to a place a bit warmer. So here it goes with some updates! =)

I went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. The place was very huge and had so many exhibits inside. My favorite one was the crystals and the precious rocks that have been collected for display.

This rock was the most interesting to me. It looked like a furry carpet!

White is my favorite color as well as pink!

This one looks like an incredible hulk hand.

Gold?!! Seriously?

There was also a botanic flower section of "Glass Flowers" I thought this was interesting to show you how cashews are grown.

My friend took me to his workplace at one of the Harvard medical laboratories. He works with monkeys, but these are just for display in the main lobby. Aren't they cute?

Do you remember watching the movie "21" that was shot in Boston and Harvard Medical. Well, this is the tailor shop that the movie was filmed at. My friend took me there and while we were grabbing some dessert near the corner. There is also a fine dining and dessert chain that was started by Harvard Business students called Finale, that offers very delicious dining experience as well as sweets. 

I recommend going there if you have the chance. Everything looks tantalizing. 

Finale Desserterie & Bakery- Boston, Brookline & Cambridge 
I went to the Cambridge one, but you can also have online orders!

Finale Harvard Square
30 Dunster Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Fruit & Cream 
Fresh fruits with almond frangipane and vanilla Bavarian cream in a sugar dough shell.
Lots of fresh fruits which is also my favorite too.

Crème Brûlée 
Vanilla cream caramelized a la minute by our chefs, garnished with orange butter cookies and fresh fruit 
This creme brulee is awesome! you must try to get this one if you are there!

Chocolate Symphony
Three tiers of Valrhona chocolate mousse (bittersweet, milk and white) with chocolate cake 
This one was very light and rich at the same time. I love the three types of chocolate mousse.
When I was strolling around Quincy Market, what not to get but a Lobster Roll when you are there! This is a signature food that you must try when you are visiting the area.

I also spent my Vday at the Aquarium. Can you see the pretty jelly fishes? I can stare at them the whole day, one of my favorite aquarium animals.

I have so many things to share with you lovelies. =) I've been trying to stay healthy and keep my mind busy by working out at the gym and keep-fit for the summer time. At times I feel super down, but I want to keep moving forward. I'm thinking of changing my hairstyle and color soon! The roots are growing out. I'm not sure if I should go light or dark. I am also trying to get myself together and keep updating. 

I am about to launch my jewelry store and I'm super excited about that. But things get in my way, and it stops me from having any creativity or motivation flowing outward. I'm staying healthy and that's all that matters, because it's very vital to have good health as are under all that stress.

I will leave you with a sneak peek of FOTD that I will be posting and also the review of Shabu-Zen and a bakery that I went to eat at before I left.

Haha, ^_^ it's my first time curling my hair. I'm experimenting with it and so might not look the best. Also, I will talk about my favorite BB cream that is also my everyday go-to concealer/foundation now. Thanks again for reading and supporting me! 



Shop N' Chomp said...

Pretty hair and makeup :) Love your trip pics

Jen said...

The museum is really beautiful :) I love visiting museums b/c I just love looking at historical artifacts. The fruit cake looks delish!