FOTD: Purple Grey Look

Hi lovelies,

Here is a FOTD look that I tried out. I just wanted something different and see how my hair would look like if I were to curl it. I am in love with purple eye shadows and nude baby pink lip color right now. ^__^ I need to color my hair soon since the roots are growing out.

Here's a comparison of with flash picture. You can see the Geo Angel Grey Lens that I am wearing.

I am really wanting a DSLR. My digital camera takes grainy pictures when I increase the ISO
Almay intense i-color powder shadow trio for browns 201
Maybeline Colosal Volum Express
Loreal Hip Smoky Charcoal eyeshadow
NYX Brow Pencil in Taupe

Skin 79 BB Hot Pink Cream
Jane Blushing Earth Sheer 04

VS Lip Gloss in Strawberry Fizz

I highly reccommend this product if you get a chance to try it out! It gives you great coverage and is light weight. It has a pump, which is a great plus for reducing bacteria and it keeps your make up sanitary makeup. There are tons of reviews from makeup blogger and the benefits of BB creams. I have yet to try the other ones.
Oh by the way, I am in love with these Limited edition Ghirardelli Dark & Strawberry squares during Valentine's Day. I can't seem to find them anymore =( They have a Rasberry edition, but I am a fan of strawberries. Anything strawberry flavor I automatic get drawn to it.

Thanks for reading again, please do leave a comment on my hairstyle, whether I should try this out, or leave it straight. =/

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Karen said...

I love how you flipped your bangs aside Yumiko :) And I LOVE purple eyeshadow. I think right after brown eyeshadow, purple is definitely my second favourite eyeshadow colour....browns are still "neutral" so I guess in terms of colour, purple wins for me. It's very flattering on our lighter skin tone and darker hair :) Love the lipgloss too. Very nice!

Pinkstrawberrielove said...

you are so cute, I love the look!