Snow Days/Winter Storm

I love this picture the most. I am tossing my hat like it's a bouquet of flowers. ^_^ I love it when the city shuts down when there is a snow warning or any type of snow. The city just goes into panic mode. My university was the last to be closed since high schools were let out at 11am (before snow hits) which means there was no point going to work/school! It took me 1hr 45mins to drive back home in the nasty weather with bumper to bumper action (usually 20mins). My car was skidding and there were a bunch of black ice which was very scary! X_X But I managed to get back home safely. Looks like universities and schools are closed for tomorrow, too. The weather here is bipolar, it was sunny yesterday and now we have 6inches of snow. It's not a biggie for me, I like playing in the snow. =)
 Welcome to Memphis weather!
I tried to make a angel snowman, but it was super cold and my fingers were frozen!

I love taking jump shots so I can see how high up I can jump. But, while I was jumping my phone fell out of my pocket. I had lost it and I was looking for my phone in the snow for a while. I was alittle bit worried since my phone was white and was on vibrate mode...which made it harder to find. I found it faced down in the snow and was really wet, but I managed to save it before any damages. =_= whew.

 Well, thanks for stopping by and stay warm in the weather. Here's a heart for all my beautiful readers!


Irene said...

You look so cute playing in the snow Yumi!!! Love all the photos, so pretty!

Elisa said...

Lol, weren't you cold >.<"?

Shop N' Chomp said...

Wow, amazing! Love all the pics. They're so fun *^_^*

Coffretgorge said...

i love the last photo! :) please take care in your bipolar weather! hehe stay safe babe ;)

a, said...

i love the pic of you jumping and pointing! it's so cute ! :)