Update: Storms, Tornados, Floods

Hi Hi! I'm so tired of the continuous rain and tornado storm warnings in the South. I am so ready for the sun to rise and shine! I want to get vitamin D and get away from the cold and gloomy weather. It makes me want to sleep and cuddle all day in my warm sheets. burr..burr =__=

We had tornado warnings for three consecutive days. It was raining, then suddenly it started hailing. There were times when the sun shine, but then back to rain again. I was caught in a nasty tornado warning during night class for three hours. All I could hear was the sirens going off on campus and everyone had to evacuate to a safer place away from windows. I'm safe, but driving back home was scary! Right now we are suffering from over flooding rivers and the rising Mississippi River near Riverside for the Music Fest this weekend =/

Where is the sun?!

To those who have been hit by the storm in Alabama. I pray for you.


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bangbangsheshoots said...

sorry to hear about the situation, i hope things will get improve over there. hang in there!