Update: Miami, the Magic City

 Hi everyone! Lately, I've been so busy traveling. I took a vacation to MIAMI to get some sunlight and visit a friend. It was super nice and warm. I love the beach weather, but my skin is so pale that I look like a lost ghost on the beach. This is a snapshot of Hallendale Beach, FL.

The condos by the beach are absolutely gorgeous facing the beach front. I want to live in one of those!

It was supper sunny, and I was not used to being exposed to it. I definitely got lots of Vitamin D that I have been lacking. So with my crazy workout routine, I finally got my body to look semi good for the beach. I just need to work on my tummy by doing crunches and get a nice tan to fit in like a local. 

I've been really cautious of my diet and exercise routine. I've been exercising and running too much. I don't eat enough calories compared to the rate at which I am burning it off. =( I can't believe I fit in a size 0 now. O_O!!!! oh no, the worse thing is there's still an inch gap of space between my waste! Aiyah...I need to eat more properly and add more protein, apparently due to loss of muscle mass.

This is my outfit of the day while heading to the beach. As you can see, I started tanning my legs as much as I can. My friend called me a porcelain baby doll "white like milk", and need to roast me like asian BBQ!

Palm trees! Something that I don't get to see very often where I am living!

I cooked some Asian food for them to try out. They enjoyed it a lot! I tried to cook a bit of everything so they can sample.

Chicken Fried Rice
Crab filled Egg Rolls (these were store bought)
Stir-Fry Rice noodles with oyster sauce, pork, bean sprouts, carrots, bell peppers. I wanted to make Pad Thai, but I didn't get the sauce =( But it was a delicious dish.

This one was everyone's favorite. Stir-fry sweet and sour pork with tomato, onion, bell peppers. The secret ingredient was ketchup! =) It was delicious over white rice.

I also got some goodies from the supermarket to let them try. These are my favorite: creme waffers and Butter Sponge Roll. The roll is my one of my favorite asian baked goodies.

 I took a stroll near Bayside, Miami on the last day. The place is absolutely gorgeous and romantic. It's a place I would recommend to go on a date night. There was a live band that usually plays open to the public and people can dance below. Behind him you can see a whole bunch of ships docked right behind the bay area. There are also fine dinning restaurants with open patios to see the nice view. These pictures are taken with my SE Xperia  so quality might not be that good.

 You can see the signature Miami bridge and the cruise ships.
 A view of downtown Miami =)
 The bridge that takes you to Miami Beach. It's very beautiful and blue at night.

Cruse ships docked along the bay with casino services inside. $__$

The last stop after Bayside was grabbing frozen yogurt at YOURBELLA! I love frozen yogurt!

My creation topped off with mochi, blueberries, blackberries, mango, almond.
My flavors were pistachio, blueberry, passion fruit, it was so yum! I definitely would love to visit again!
 Just like how it says...fresh and healthy. I think I like this place better than Yogurt Mountain. I can't say...but they had a Maracuja (Passion Fruit) which reminded me of Brazil. =)

Bye bye Miami! Thanks for stopping by my blog again! I will definitely keep you posted. 

I will keep you posted with future reviews on:
1. Restaurants I went on my trip
2. Hair Color
3. Double Eyelid Tape I just received
3. Color lens from so much more. I need to stop procrastinating and getting back to business. I needed the break to fill better and stronger. School is almost over at the end of April. So I just need to hang in there for two more weeks.

Ciao Bellas


Susalie said...

Such gorgeous pictures! I've never been to Miami (which is sad, since I've lived in Florida for almost 10 years all together LOL) Your hair looks great, and you look so cute! Congrats on your beach body :) But definitely eat more protein!! I need to start working out, but I'm a bum :(

yumikomura said...

Definitely eat more protein. I'm cutting back on carbs. Working out is really hard for the first week. But once you get a routine going, your body loves it. But right now i'm addicted to it.