New Hair Color

Hey Everyone!

I dyed my hair yesterday and chopped some of it off. Hrm. It looks really light brown compared to my skin color, but you can't really see it on this screen shot from iPhoto Booth.

Oh well..I cut some bangs and I don't know how to style it now. I part it the other way so that I can cover up my small lopsided eye. Hrm also it looks shaggy like I had a bad hairdresser. I guess it would be fine since my hair will grow back out. I will be doing a face of the day with this look, which is another ther simple and neutral one.

My skin is bad lately since I've been stressed and had to rush some projects in. Lack of sleep really takes a toll on your beauty!

Thanks for reading again


Susalie said...

Ohhh, girl, I know what you mean about stress and skin going crazy.. Finals are coming up in less than two weeks and my skin is breaking out at an insane rate :(

Your hair looks great! Kind of a carefree beach waves look.

yumikomura said...

Thanks hun. I've been trying to find a face cream remedy, but I know SLEEP and WATER is the key ingredient. Yeah I like the beach wave look.