Loreal: les True Brunettes UL61 Ultra Light Ash Brown

Hi everyone, I am slowly getting back on schedule with all the past posts. I wanted to do a hair dye review on my recently colored hair using Loreal Les True Brunettes in  UL61 Ultra Light Ash Brown. This is specifically for dark brown hair.

As stated in the label of the box, it is specifically for dark hair only. I do agree that it's for dark hair. I have lots of trouble finding a hair dye that turns my hair into a light ashy brown color instead of the natural orange undertones.

I personally do not use any bleaching system prior to dying my hair with any home dye kits.
I really read the instructions carefully and let my hair develop with the estimated time for previously color treated hair.

I do agree that UL61 "minimize red/orange tones" when used on medium brown or black hair.
This is a reason why I wanted to try out this hair dye. I wanted a very light brown color to complement my milky white skin.

First off, I want to back track and show you a picture of my hair before dying. It had a massive issue with the black roots crowning over. Nearly three inches of new hair growth. That means serious issues needs to be handled and that I have been neglecting my beauty. =/

To take a break on the side..I am going to show you the face of the day look I had with neutral makeup up. This is my daily face makeup look. It's fresh and simple.

So back to the hair review.

This is the after results of leaving the dye in for 30mins as instructed in the package for pre-colored hair.

As you can see. The color looks decent, but still a bit on the orange side. I was a bit disappointed with the color results. The color of my skin begin to blend in and become washed out with the orange/light brown hair color. I looked sick and my skin appeared pinkish white with the new hair color.

Here are the results with flash. As you can see, my roots are completely colored. The dye does have a good affect on dark black hair. However with the flash, you can definitely see the orange hint from the hair as the light bounced off. My hair does look like two shades, as if I was doing a gradient affect on purpose. But, I assure you that I did not do plan on it happening. I had to immediately stop developing the color because of the strong ammonia chemical was irritating my scalp.

Perhaps I was putting it on there too long, or maybe my skin was super sensitive that day. In honest opinion, I do like the hair dye. It does change the color of my roots (which was a problem). But the chemical is a bit harsh since it "works only for dark hair." I would have to agree with the tips they gave and warnings.

Pros: It changes my black roots to honey light brown within the 30minutes as instructed. 
Quick processing and developing time.
The luminous conditioner really helps keeping your hair look health after (the next time  you condition) *ps I did not shampoo my hair but just rinsed and conditioned.

Cons: The chemicals are really strong in smell and caused irritation to my scalp.
The color was not as I had wanted as stated on the side of the package.
My hair still has orange undertones showing and not a light ash brown color.
You must read all directions and apply with care.

*I will probably hold off on purchasing another box of this same color if I need to touch up with my roots. My friends have stated that they liked me with darker hair color. I agree with them, since the new hair color makes me look washed out and sick. I will be dying my hair back to a dark chestnut brown. It will be my next choice. What do you think? Dark or light?

Thank you for dropping by and reading. I hope to have suggestions of a new hair color for me.


misskatv said...

i love your hair. evenly colored :D

new follower :D

Susalie said...

That's too bad that the hair dye didn't come out as light ash brown and you can see the orange undertones :( If the hair dye worked like it was supposed to, I think I'd vote for light! But I definitely like your dark hair more compared to these results. Dark chestnut brown is super flattering on you! My roots are showing really badly, so I need to touch them up or dye the rest of my hair darker.. I'm not sure what I'll do yet :)

Maria Cruz said...

how long did you leave it on?

my experience said...

the box specifically says "for dark hair only" your hair was not dark at all that's why it gave you that color. in my opinion it works good with dark hair and it does give you that light brown ashy color, well it did to me.