Japanese Potato Salad Recipe

Hi everyone! I just wanted to welcome you back since I have been away for a long time. Been through a rollercoaster ride with my life. And I found a new interesting in trying to cook foods and posting the recipe up on my blog now. This is my first attempt to put a How to recipe on something that I love to eat when I get bento boxes at Japanese restaurants. This is a simple quick recipe on Japanese Potato Salad.

I hope you enjoy it.

The key ingredient to this recipe is the Japanese mayonnaise. I use the kewpie brand Japanese Potato Salad Recipe. I don't like American brands because they are really vinegary. This recipe is creamy in texture and not as acidic as traditional potato salads. Cook time: 20mins. Serving size 3-4 servings.

When potatoes are tender, drain the water and mash them. Lightly season the potatoes with salt and let them cool down.

 I thought it was cool how the cucumber produces water when you slice it. It's amazing how much water is stored in the vegetable and reminds me of  biology classes when I was studying plants and botany.

 You can reduce the amount of mayo you add to your recipe if you do not like it so much. You can also take out the vinegar if you don't like it either. It can be easily modified for your preference. 

Make sure everything is mixed evenly. You can add more salt/pepper to your liking. You would have to refrigerate at least 3 hours or store it in the fridge overnight for best results. Enjoy!

By the way, I changed my hair style and color, so more updates to come. I am also trying to pick up my creative art side that I have abandoned in drawing and photography. So I've been trying to look for another white box set up. So I will post more, and hope you keep reading more.

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Ken said...

that looks really delicious yum yum

Anonymous said...

Yumi!! I love this post, your pictures are gorgeous! The recipe looks delicious. I'm going to try this out as soon as I can, for sure. Can't wait to see your creativity in full blossom again :)

Elisa Lee said...

that looks delicious ^^

Anonymous said...

I loved the Japanese potato salad! I'll try to do too, seems to be very tasty *-*

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Rachel said...

Looks yum! Thanks for sharing!! =) Glad to see your back to blogging =)

Anonymous said...

looks simple and yummy!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

I love Potato salad!!!!!!!!!!
My Gosh, I want to eat this now!! yum yum yum!! Thank you for sharing the recipie ^^

Anna Lin said...

Hi there, i have tagged you in my latest blog post;

the foods looks delicious :D


ebanreb said...

I've made this several times and my family and I love it. I didn't make any changes.

Gustavo da Silveira said...

おはようございます So delicious! Have you tried this Chicken and Oranges Salad??? So goooood! 100% Chicken Recipes... ;-)

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