Easy Dolly Eye Tutorial for Monolids

It’s been a really long time since I have been updating my blog with beauty products. This is my FIRST tutorial so I am really new at this. =_=. I hope you will give me some feedback on how to improve these tutorials or tell me what you are looking for. I try to create a Dolly Eye tutorial for Monolid girls out there, since I have that problem too. It takes a lot of time to wear false lashes and make sure to keep them on all day. But that is what gives the illusion of dolly eyes along with big circle contacts.

Here are the items used for this look:

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil 002 Hazel
Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow in Designer Chocolate
Victoria Secret’s Very Sexy Eyeliner in Black
Lash Grip Eyelash Adhesive
Geo Angel Nudy Brown Eye Cons
003 warm tawny sheer magic mineral face palette
Rimmel Stay Matte 001 Transparent Pressed Powder

Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the eyelashes and mascara that I used. They were both drug store products. So they weren't of a particular brand or anything.
I didn't take a step by step tutorial on how to apply the makeup on my face, maybe I'll try that next time. Since this was my first, it takes a long time to actually edit and make sure to remember to take pictures. I will do that soon on my next tutorial. =)

First Step: I applied Concealer around the red and dark areas of my face. Especially the eyes and around the nose area. Then I apply the Sheer 003 warm tawny mineral powder all over my face. Also the Rimmel Transparent powder as well. I then applied blush over my cheeks to give it a sheer glow of pink around my face.

Eyes: This is a bit tricky.
I usually line my eyes with eyeliner before I begin with the shades so then my eye would have some outline to it. I created a winged-tip at the end to create dimension and elongate my eyes at the same time. If the shadow takes off the black color of the eyeliner, then I would reline it after the false lashes are applied.

Step 1: Apply the pink shimmery shade on the top right of the palette over my lids right above the eyeliner. I try not to cover the whole eye probably around 2/3 of the way since I don't have a eye crease line and I want the false eyelashes to emphasize the eyes. I didn't want to make it too dramatic since this is for the day. I also give my bottom eyes a hint of color as I lined it closed to my waterline.
Step 2: Using a fine tip I picked the darkest shade which is on the bottom right of the palette. I applied it on the outer end of the top eye and also on the outer end of the bottom lashes line connecting toward the liner. 
Step 3: I use a highlighting shade on the bottom left that looks like a shimmer white to shade below my eyebrows along the brow bone to give some more dimension in my face and to the eyes. It gives it an opened illusion. 
I also use that same highlighting color to line the inner corner of my eyes and my lower lash line where it meets the point of the eye. This will make your eyes pop and adds more to the dolly eyed effect.

Apply False eyelashes, curl lashes, apply mascara to blend real and fake lashes together. I don't have many eyelashes on the bottom so, applying mascara doesn't help. But I'm thinking of getting some lengthening mascara to help out. =)

I hope this helps out. I would like to have some feedback on what to do for improvements. Thanks all for reading and stopping by.
xoxo yumi


Susie said...

I like it! :) & your contacts look really nice on you!

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Very very helpful!
THankx luv!
I love y9ur contacts!!

Irene said...

It looks so cute Yumi! :) Love the circle lens, still have to get myself a pair... *sigh*

mizz snape said...

Wow, helpful tutorial! Thanks :)