Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color #56 Review

Hey, I have mentioned that I changed my hair color and hair style in my last post.
The reason for the change is because I wanted something different. I wanted my hair black and was tired of the uneven hair tone with highlighted brown near my ear. It just didn't look nice anymore. 

I use a Japanese hair dye that has no ammonia in it, but really works well. In this I use Bigen, #56 Which is Rich Medium Brown. They are really cheap in the supermarket and works really well too. Usually for people with grey hair and wants to have black hair.

 I just cut my bangs, no preference or anything of choice. You really can see how my hair looks orange at certain lightings.

This product comes in a powder form and you have to add water to mix it well.
Before Picture

Application process as I separate my hair into quarters and evenly coat my hair with the dye. I let it sit for 30mins. And then I would rinse and condition my hair.

After picture

Overview picture

(No Makeup or foundation applied just liquid eyeliner).
Hair wasn't as dark as I wanted it was a dark brown, and my bangs were very shabby looking like I did a horrible job on it. But it doesn't matter, because I know my hair will grow back eventually for a new style and cut later on.  Overall the dye is really easy to use. It does not smell like most hair products. It does stain your clothes, so you must be careful in wearing gloves and protect your skin/nails from dye.

I would recommend using this product again if you want a darker hair color after all the highlight and dying because this acts as a glaze over your hair.

>.< yumi

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Rachel said...

I really like that colour on you! I think it suits you really well! Also I love that tee!! I have a keychain with all the Olympics guys, they are so cute ^.^

Shop N' Chomp said...

Pretty color! =) I have seen this product in stores but haven't tried it yet.