FOTD: Natural Smokey Eyes with Winged liner

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since I have done a Face of the Day photo shoot (FOTD) with a natural smokey makeup style and a winged eyeliner.So far I love my ombre hair color. I have been wearing it curly or wavy to school. I love it with a little bit of volume, than leaving it straight because you can see the gradient from top to bottom (3 tone effect). I have modified it and made the top half black and the tips more blonde. I will do a follow up post about how I dyed my hair ombre style.

This is under natural lighting. As you can see I have mono eyelids so I have to be very careful where I apply my eye shadow. I used Sephora's smokey eye kit and also Bobby Brown cheek bronzer for my face. As for the eyeliner I used L'Oreal Telescopic waterproof liquid eyeliner.

Here's a demonstration where my eyes are closed. I smudge out the colors starting from bright shimmery white to a taupe brown to dark brown. Unfortunately I don't have the UD Naked Palate, but one day I'm going to get one! That's my next gift to reward myself. I would prefer getting the Naked 1 version. Naked 2 has brighter colors that are for fare skin tones. In FL I like the smoked beach tan look and the V1 has darker toned colors.

My eyelashes are so straight and short. I've been using Maybeline's Volume PLUSH mascara. It takes a wile to build on to create the voluminous effect and I'm too lazy to curl my lashes.

There it is..the final look with flash. Lately I've been using a new line of face wash from Japan. Hopefully I will revitalize and keep my skin looking moist. I've gotten way too many freckles and sunspots from being in FL. I don't like's actually getting worse and I've never had so many before living in TN. Any solutions or recommendations?


Thanks for reading again..the next post will be how I dyed my hair ombre style! And for those who are curious why my pictures are so clear is because I've been using a Nikon DSLR that my friend has let me borrow. Life and pictures are so different with it even though it's with a kit lens and an old model. I can't wait to get my own dream camera (d90), but newer models are better now! I am also into color pants.they add spunk to life my personality.

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