Target Haul & 1st Giveaway

Hi everyone! It's been a super long time since. So I have kept my words and I'm really proud of myself along with this busy schedule of mine. After finishing classes, I picked of volunteering at the hospital and working out more. I'm trying to get my beach body, and that has been a super slow process because I am in the plateau stage of dieting/exercise.

I have tried to keep a steady diet, but I guess eating junk food such as cookies, chips, and bread has added to my weight gain. =/ all my hard work of loosing an extra 3lbs has went in the reverse direction. So basically my weight has been fluctuating back and forth. +/- 5 lbs. And it's very annoying.

Sorry for the long post, but let's get down to business! I went on a shopping splurge and finally got some goodies for my first 100th blog follower giveaway. It has taken me a super long time to get to this many followers.

 Maybeline Eyestudio eyeshadow palletes. I love these colors a lot. I wanted to experiment with them and have a FOTD look for this blog.
 I got two new colors. I love the Mint Sorbet, it reminds me of the hello kitty nail polish, but she's so expensive.
 I also got a whole bunch of cosmetics from sonia kashuk!
 Her products are very nicely packaged and comes with a sponge applicator that is separated in a different compartment from the loose highlighting powder. There is also a mirror, so it makes it much easier to apply makeup on the go. =)
 So for the eyeliner: sonia kashuk Dramatically definining long wear gel liner in 03 Ebony. I like it so far. It glides onto your lids very easily and smoothly. However, it's going to smudge, so you have to be careful. I apply using an angled brush with patience.

 I also need a new bronzer to my makeup set. I find them very worthwhile during the summer if you just want an illuminescent glow with shimmer instead of a blush. It gives off that sun-kissed tan look.
 I haven't tried a creme blush before, so I thought this would be a good investment.

 So here is the give away! This is just something small for now and I hope to have a bigger package and spoil you lovelies in the future. So here is the rule to enter.

1. You must be a follower of mine.
2. You must comment and leave your email contact info.
3. I would like for you to leave a suggestion as to what you want to see on my blog with future posts. (i.e. tutorials, magazine scans, reviews, outfits, handcrafts, artwork)

This giveaway is only open for people in the US. When I get enough followers I would definitely have an international option for my followers. Please feel free to re-blog this giveaway and use the image if you need to.

The winner will be chosen at random and the giveaway ends May 31st 12:00pm CT!
So get busy!

I'll be updating shortly, toodles.


Kim Hye Rin said...

waah, good luck for everyone~
too bad I'm not in US >.< he2.

tiffany eck said...

Hi Im Tife my email is I personally like a blog with different things going on so I sy do a nice mixture of all of them.

Alina Frowne said...

Frowne here