Sneak Peak Photoshoot: Keep on Dreamin'

Hi everyone! I don't know where to start blogging and I should be sleeping now! hehe I haven't been keeping you up to date on scheduled posts/reviews that I have been promising you guys. =___= I feel super bad! Work has been very hectic ever since I came back from a weekend trip out of town. It has been non-stop on top with a deadline to meet. *har har* We are also experiencing some high flooding waters in the South. Our downtown area near riverside is completely flooded, and this week it's going to rain. There will be a high chance of more flooding waters and houses/schools/buildings being submerged in water. The casinos are under water a bit, and are closed for operation. Hrm..I can't wait to see more sun! I just wanted to post something to keep you ladies updated about what's going on in my world and my lag of posts.

I promise I will get them reviews/giveaways posted ASAP.

Here's a picture that a friend of mine took of me during a photo shoot. I am really into photography, but I don't have a nice camera. I am a newby with makeup, fashion, photography. I thought it would be a fun project/day that I would be the model, and he can teach me all the info of operating a DSLR. *Nikon d90 and d7000.

He used them interchangeably back and forth to capture pictures of me. I did my own makeup so it's not professional looking. The outfit is something from my closet that I've accumulated.

So this is just a sneak peeek of the photo shoot that I did in Mid-April. The theme of this photo is : Keep on dreamin'.
Credits: Craig Lafferty

I'll keep you posted! Tell me what you think of this photo. I am open to accept critiques! Please do respond!



Fifi said...

You look lovely!! I love it!!

Alina Frowne said...

Love the photo <3
Also, thank you for following me at it means a lot to me when people read what I have to say :p

*follows as well~*