Mall Fun!

Hi lovlies,

I wanted to extend the my first giveaway to mid-June. June 15 to be the deadline. I only had two people enrolled in the giveaway and I think it would be fair to increase the applicant pool. So please take advantage of this opportunity. I just came back from a couple of trips out of town and I will be updating on them. I don't know why I am so busy lately, but I do make time for myself.  ^__^

By the way please leave a comment to the give away blog post to enter.
1. Name
2. Email
3. Suggestions to future postings. What do you want to see?

I also went shopping with my sister lately at the mall. Hot Topic has some very kawaii cute stuff.
I love Domo at the shop and it's so small and cute.

They also have cute panda hats, but I realized that you're suppose to wear black frames to match up with the black ears.
Awww....panda... rawr~

See you soon. toodles.



Rainy Days & Lattes said...

Cute! I love Domo too =) hehe

yumikomura said...

thanks hun! I want a pink domo!

riya chan said...

love your pictures! You're super cute!

Alina Frowne said...

Not a big fan of Hot Topic, but I love the Domo >///<

tiffany eck said...

Love the panda!