Brasilian Love

I was super excited last week because I got to spend time with one of my lab workers who helped me out when I was in Brasil. Eloisa came to visit Memphis last week, and I was very happy to see her after two years. I miss her and all the Brasilieros who I had made friends with in the lab and outside of lab in Florianopolis, Brasil.  They were very great and generous people.

She surprised me when I was at work and she stopped by my department. My jaws just dropped ^__^!!
I took her out to dinner at Bangkok Alley so she can try some of our Thai curry and sushi dishes.
She's super nice and sweet person overall.

Dragon Fruit Martini and she loves beer, so she tried our local brewed beer, Ghost River.
She was excited to have something light for the evening since everyone has been taking her out to eat since she had gotten to the states.

Mas é possível encontrar comida mais light...
 It's just a simple philadephia roll. We also had Panang curry with shrimp and Pad Thai with tofu. It was good since I told the chefs that I was coming to visit them that night with a friend.

Brasil does not have that many flavors and Asian cuisines since everything was expensive for imports. I had difficulty finding a good restaurant that caters to my tastes. I didn't mind the freshness of fruits and meets, because I loved it. But sometimes I just miss the seasoning and sauces that I can't get as easily here in the states. I remembered trying a "Fiesta de Sushi" and they didn't any eel sauce, spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce, or siracha as you can get it here. So I'm very glad I live in the US.
Her hotel room she stayed at downtown.

I took her to Victoria's Secret, which she loves. Brasil doesn't have Victoria's Secret and if they did, everything would be extremely expensive since it's an American import. All the girls love the scented lotions we have.

That's for now...I hope to see her again when my birthday comes. She will be working at the University and I'm excited to see her again in July. I'm glad now that I got a chance to practice my Portuguese with her. She said I was mixing it with a lot of Spanish. hehe..I need to brush up and learn it again.


btw. Eki is having a Domo give away!

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