Winter weather and good eats!

Hi everyone! 

It's been really cold here and I was stuck at work when the snow hit on Sunday night. Overall it was a great event, because it was a snow day the next day for work also! The snow didn't melt for three days. Driving was a hassle since my car would loose control and not grip on the road and it was very scary to go back home after work. I like the snow and the cold, but I haven't stocked up for weather at all.

I took some pictures at my work place outside in the patio section. It just looks beautiful and romantic with the snow and the lights. ^__^

So Chic-fil-A has been promoting it's new spicy chicken biscuit and I decided to give it a try. It's a good pic because the biscuit is very flaky, but I think the chicken could have been spicer. Overall, I still like the sandwich since it uses real chicken meat. Ahhh.....but beware of the calories >__

I went grocery shopping with my lil' sis to stock up on food. This caught my eye since I have been craving for something sweet. I thought to try out Gelato ice cream... very creamy, wish they had strawberries because that's my favorite flavor. 

I've been reading other's blog and trying to post more. There are some great giveaways that some beauty bloggers are hosting.

anneorshine is having a "vintage eyewear sunglasses" giveaway for her blog/YT followers.

Joyce from sparklyplayground is having a Coach giveaway to one lucky follower
her rules are very simple since she asks you to provide the best/ideal Valentine Day!
Her blog is really interesting, so you might have to check her out since this is a V-day special gift.

Speaking of giveways, I have reached 100+ followers and I would like to throw a giveaway to the lovely readers who visit my site. I'm still a noob at blogging, but I'm always up for a good chune and meeting people out there who are special and caring. So stay tuned! I haven't taken pictures of myself either since I've been so bumbed by this cold weather and so Lazzzy! I know I shouldn't be so lazy and take care of myself to relax and pamper...but I will don't worry. I will get to you lovelies with a big thanks, since this is a new year! And we must start it off right!



yumikomura said...

yeah it looks really nice with the lights around the patio. driving was super scary in the snow after work. tires wouldn't grip. =(

Dolce Bunny said...

Wow~!! The snow is so pretty but, please becareful when you drive :(
and ... ice cream in winter?!?!?!!? That's crazy~!!!! Sounds fun thou!

yumikomura said...

The gelato ice cream is very creamy and delicious. You should definitely give it a try. I'm trying my best to stay warm. =)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Yum yum...the chicken biscuit and gelato look delish. ;) Stay warm and drive safe in the snow!

Dana Marie said...

I just discovered your blog last night when I was looking for a good Japanese potato salad recipe and decided to follow you. I was browsing your more recent posts and wondering where you get your Japanese merchandise. I have a Marukai and a Mitsuwa in my area (I live in Southern California) and that's usually where I shop. Btw, I like your makeup and skincare tutorials and reviews. Although, admittedly I'm terrible with using contacts and false lashes. Any tips? My eyes are pretty sensitive.


yumikomura said...

Hi Dana Marie!

SoCal has a wonderful shop to browse for Japanese merchandise and food cooking supplies. I wish we had a Marukai here where I stay. That place is the shopping mecca for Japanese food products also. I usually get my japanese products online..because it's just very hard to find any here.

I'm glad you like my makeup and skin care tutorials. I try to make them helpful. But I'm not sure if I am successful with them. =) as far with tips on contacts, I would suggest the you make sure you are able to wear color lens with your optician before hand if your eyes are super sensitive. And for falsies..try to find the ones with a clear thin band, so they will feel more natural when wearing them.

hope it helps.