Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara/ Lash Boosting Serum & A.I.

Hi everyone, this is my review on two products that I have been using together to see the results on my eyelashes. Keep in mind, I have very short and straight lashes that point straight downwards. So I thought I would give L'Oreal's Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara and Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum a try. I apply this regularly as directed day and night on clean eyelashes. Here are the results.
Double Extend Lash Boosting Serum product package claims:
Day after day Lashes Appear: Longer, Thicker, Fuller
Step 1: Basecoat with serum inside, Improves lash health
Step 2: Mascara topcoat, Visibily lengthens natural lashes
*for 24 hr effect use with Lash Boosting Serum
Concentrated Lash Boosting Serum product package claims:
Get visibly fuller, thicker natural lashes with less lash fall-out when removing makeup.
Contains Centella Asiatica extract and Arginine to reinforce, condition, and protect each lashes.
*for 24 hr effect use with Double Extend Lash Boosting Serum
*Lashes appear multiplied with daily application of mascara and twice daily application of serum: underneath mascara and on bare lashes overnight.

 The consistency of the serum does not irritate my eye, but feel as if my lashes were conditioned and moisturized. The applicator is curved for easy use on the lashes like a mascara wand.

I use the tip to create a thin line along the top of my lashes. Then I use the wand horizontal like I was applying mascara.

Secret Ingredients: source:L'Oreal
1. A unique pro-keratin complex of fortifying amino acids, panthenol and ceramide to boost lash health, making bare lashes smoother and shinier
2. Arginine, of the of the principle amino acids found in Keratin (the main componenet of hair and lashes), to reinforce and protect lashes
3. Centella Asiatica, a plant extract, to help condition lashes.

My results: 4 weeks of use with serum and mascara
 I seem to have thicker lashes near the lids. My lashes are not as fragile as before when I remove my mascara off. My lashes have some growth and my lashes seem to not clump when applying the primer. The primer really makes my lashes extend outward giving it a longer look.

I would purchase the product again at drugstore price ($12USD serum/$12 Mascara)
I would reccommend this product to a those who have sparse and short straight lashes.
No clumping when applying primer or mascara with the L'Oreal Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara.

keep in mind these were pictures that I had taken, but been wanting to do a review. I'm trying to keep a regular posting time for my blog on reviews. I'll also keep you lovelies up to date what I have been doing. ^___^

I'm trying to re-design my white box so I can showcase some of the products that I have worked on past this past Xmas.

Source: tokyohive
So leave you guys, I really like Japanese artist AI. She's Japan R&B queen and a recent album titled "The Last A.I." was released on 12.01.10 in regards to her 10th Anniversary major label debut.

Album features artists such as Namie Amuro, Judith Hill, Snoop Dogg, AK-69, Boyz II Men, and Kato Miliyah. 

She is also having a concert tour "AI TOUR 2011" in Japan starting April of this year. There's going to be nine performances but in six cities in Japan. I wish she can come to US and do a concert, because I really love her RnB style. =(

I am in love with the cover art of her album! She's complete nude with a tattoo of the album's title down her side.

My favorite songs from the album so far are: Incomplete ft. Boyz II Men, Still ft AK-69, and For My Sister ft. Judith Hill since both ladies have such great vocals.

The Last A.I. Track List:
 FAKE feat. Namie Amuro
Let it go feat. Snoop Dogg
STRONGER feat. Kato Miliyah
 Still feat. AK-69
For my Sister feat. Judith Hill
Incomplete feat Boyz II Men
 One More Try feat. Chaka Khan
 Nemurenai Machi
 K’NAAN / Wavin’ Flag – Coca ColaR Celebration Mix with AI
[Bonus Track] Through The Fire

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bangbangsheshoots said...

thanks for the awesome review and pictures! it's double the price in japan.. if i have the chance i would check it in the US when i goto Hawaii :)

winwin said...

i have got this boosting serum too.. its awesome rite and best tt it dun irritate my eyes... :)
Great Review...


adriyah said...

$12? that is such an awesome price for an awesome product!! :) I need those to have longer lashes :)