New Gadget: Sony Ericsson Xperia x10

Hi everyone! Happy Turkey day and I hope everyone had a great one filling your tummy up and then doing a lot of xmas shopping!

I try to make the best of it even though this year I didn't get to celebrate by eating a turkey or having a lavish feast! ^_^ I try not to go all crazy with the holiday prices and door buster sales but I did manage to get a new phone since my BB pearl had died on me, which resulted me in using my old SE that has been beat up and been through alot. =) I thought it was time to upgrade my phone service plan and get a new phone that I've been eyeing on.

I upgraded to a Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 Luster white edition found at Best Buy. I really like the white version since AT&T doesn't carry it yet online. Plus it was only $49.99 USD. Though the downfall on it was it comes with Taylor Swift mobile experience and with a old Android OS 1.6 when the 2.1 is already up. I nearly freaked out when I had dropped it today, the 2nd day I had it. It always happen with me when I get a new electronic. I saw a long line down the middle of the screen thinking it was from the high drop out form my pocket. But it was part of the background screen, phew...relieved!

Sources: Sony Ericsson

I'm very excited to use it, but at the same time I am also learning about it alot!
One of the main feature is the Mediascape that stores all your media info, (photo, music, album, etc) all in one spot. If you love an artists you are listening to, there's an infinity button that allows you to access more info/videos/lyrics/songs of the same artist.

Another cool thing is Timescape: which allows you to keep access of what is going on every minute with your friends on twitter, facebook, email, messages you sent. It's handy if you have a social life, but for me, it seems kinda annoying at times.

I'm excited to decorate it with customizable skins! It looks so kawaii!

Here's some commercials that I found on the phone that you can customize your phone to your style.

This particular korean artists in the commercial makes this phone really enticing.


  • It has a very large screen 4", but at times I feel like the touch-screen system is not comparable to the iPhone4. 
  • The Android 1.6 OS is kinda glitchy and I need to install an advanced task killer app that kills apps I don't use so I don't drain out my battery and slow down my phone memory. 
  • It supports wifi 802.11b/g; so when I'm at home I don't have to use my phone service data plan which saves me a lot.
  • 8.1 MP video camera with face detection and recognition is pretty sweet! but shutter speed is slow =(
  • Good social networking with Timescape/Mediascape
  • Battery life seems to be easily drained, but I keep it to a minimal with some tips.

I'm really trying to get my phone updated with the 2.1 OS, but AT&T has a lock down on the backup/restore function application since it's not downloaded from the Android Market.

New features include:
- HD video recording with continuous auto-focus for high quality videos
- New back up and restore application, with extended content back up
- 5 homescreens for apps, widgets, shortcuts and folders
- Social phonebook which shows when your friends are online (Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk)

Note that availability may be dependant on operator and/or market.**

AT&T tends to hold back on this function, which drives me crazy!

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LittoMokaa said...

I have this phone too but in black and I loveeee it ^_^ Im somebody who sends sms a lot so at first it was quiet hard to text LOL but you get used to it :D

Pixie.D said...

gosh, I want the melody or the zebra one!!

Japanese are cool and always decorate their mobile to become so gorgeous =D!

Pinkstrawverrielove said...

this is so cute! I'll have to go check it out at best buy now!

Toni said...

The leopard casings are adorable! I most especially like the leopard one! <3