Cooking Dim Sum

Hi everyone!

Here's an update what I've been up to. Been keeping up with my busy schedule and today I spent my evening making Dim Sum for someone's birthday tomorrow ^______^  It took me the longest time, nearly 4 hrs to prepare and finish. Let me say, Chinese delicacies take a long time to make. =___=;;

I made a plate full of shui mai and har gao. Supposedly 26 shui mai since the person is turning 26 today! I couldn't make the har gao like they are prepared because the of the wrapper. I failed miserably and gave up on the translucent wrapper with wheat starch. I tried, but it just kept sticking on the rolling pan and crumbling apart. I just used the wonton wrappers same that I used for shui mai that were left over. I really hope the person appreciates my hard work and effort with each and every bite. It's way faster to eat these dim sum in one bite than to make it. =(

I found the recipe online on various sites and did some research background on youtube to see how to make it. My dad, uncle, and aunt are great at making them.  I've seen them make the har gao wrappers like traditional chinese chefs, ha but I don't know how to do that. The taste of mine is missing something, and I had to modify the filling seasoning. I thank my friend for using her kitchen to make these for the special someone since it's their bday. I will get a shirt and contact lubricant for him.

 Shrimp and water chestnut filled/scallion har gao

 Pork and shrimp with water chestnut/scallion shui mai

Thanks for stopping by my again. Sorry the qualities of the pictures aren't that great. They were taken with my Sony Ericsson phone. I'm planing on updating to SE xperia x10 white one soon!



Pinkheartedprincess said...

I can't believe you cooked this yourself!!! AMAZING!!! Looks sooooo good!

Seoulover said...

MMmmmmm!!! Looks so good!!!