Sometimes I wonder why would you treat someone truly as one of your friends treating them before thinking about yourself? Perhaps, it is part of my sincere side to offer help and being honest and truthful to them with my heart open. But, it really hurts when you realize that you are taken advantage of and your name is besmirched with hurtful words that you never imagined spoken of.

I fell like I have lost myself with the people who I hung out with in the past years. I have lost who I truthfully am inside. What is said or done in the past reflects how I should examine and consider the steps I take now [present] and in the future. I really don't care what others say about me, even though these information comes back to hurt me and loose trust for others who I will meet in the future. 

We should learn to let these small matters roll off your shoulder. Let it go, don't let anything affect you. In the end, you will let clarity define who you are as time passes by. You become easily influenced by who you hang out with especially those who are part of your daily life. But the small hours that you take to spend time for yourself, you realize that these are part of the twists and turns of fate. Theses thoughts and perceptions from others should not bring you down from achieving your ultimate goal and dream within. In the end, you will just remember how you conquer through the battle of emotions. 

You will shine in the end as long as you learn to love yourself and those who care & love you equally.
For every action made there is an equal action returned in the opposing direction...according to physics.



coffretgorge said...

hi yumiko, i hope everything gets better soon, sending you happy vibes and hugs from manila! :)

Irene said...

Hi Yumi - you said it best! Life is always full of so many unpredictable twists and turns...sadly, sometimes the only person you can really depend on is yourself. Stay strong though and realize that there are people that will go in and out of your life and change you into the beautiful & strong person you are today!!!

suki pooki said...

Hi there! I just ran across your blog and just wanted to say hope everything gets better! Friends are huge influences and not always for the better, I think what's really important is to find friends that really share the same goals and beliefs as you do =)

Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better, Yumiko. You sound like a strong girl, hang in there! Karma is a b*tch they say..