Pink Lace Pencil Pouch Tutorial

Hey all, I told you that I had made a pouch earlier this month, but just never had the time to post up the tutorial. So here it is. This is my second pouch that I had created. I hope you find the tutorial easy.

Here it is. I hope you experiment with it and hope the pictures help out alot.



Elisa Lee said...

wow, it's cute ^^

Shop N' Chomp said...

So girly and cute *^_^*

Ms.Kimchi said...

Hi Yumiko, I just followed you :)

wow you got some skills girl!!! it's soooooo girly and pretty~~ I want it!!

Anonymous said...

you are so talented! I just get confused once i touch a sewing machine lol.

Pop Champagne said...

the pouch is really cute looking, I like the pink and the lace!

hevn said...

That pouch looks great! For the love of God, I can't even sew a button to save my life, I kid you not..

How.. envious..

p.s: Ooo, Love love your blog