YSL Instant Pur Line & Giveaway

hey!~ I know I haven't been keeping up with my blog. I've been reading other people's blog or inspiration since I am still new to the blog world. I love the creativeness and originality of the various information that is posted. And I thank you for being my readers and take time to come to my page. I will do the same for you all, because I really thank you and you are very important to me. I also am trying to take time to create some arts/craft projects for fun. So stay tuned, I'll post them up soon. Being a biology major is kind of hard especially when the midterms are coming up. I just took time to do a review on my daily skin care regime. =) I hope it is helpful. Also, I read your comments and they help me out really much as to what I should add, or what more information I should post up. So here's one of my reviews! enjoy! <3 yumiko

This is my favorite foam cleanser, YSL Instant Pur: Mousse Clarte Express: Self-Foaming Cleanser. However they don't have this line anymore by YSL. =(
I used this product for a while, and now that I have run out I think I would purchase another YSL line that does the same function. This is a soap-free liquid that transforms into an exquisite creamy foam. It cleans away makeup, dead cells, and impurities, while stimulating vitailty. I llove the smell of it and the afterward effects of this product. It is made with Himalayan Blue Poppy Water, rich in vitamin, and trace elements that gives my skin radiance. Also it makes my skin firmer. The product also has a very calm fragrant smell to it that makes it one of my favorite.
I only did one full pump here to show how much foam you get. I usually just do half a pump because it really lathers us and it's really creamy and soft.

I use only rub around my cheek to show you guys. Usually it covers up my whole face and to thin it out, I usually use warm water.

The after effects is a softer smoother skin complex. You would think that the foam and soap acutally makes your skin drier and oiler, that's not the case with the YSL product. I feel like my skin was moisturized, tighter/firmer, and smoother complexion as if I had put some bare mineral powder on my face compared to my other check that's oiler and not as firm.

I also use their toner as part of my skin regime.  YSL Instant Pur: Energising Beauty Toner. Their toner "promote vitality and the natural radiance of the complexion. Perfects make-up removal and eliminates dead cells that dull the complexion." I love this toner! It smells so good and it's does not leave your skin itch or dry. It actually does what it says, which is to give your skin more natural radiance and firm toward your skin as it removes dead skin. I usually apply this on with a cotton swab after my skin has dried from washing it with the cleansing foam. It reminds me of Dior's cleansing water.

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Rae said...

Great post! Can't wait to see your creations! =)

Irene said...

I always love your posts Yumi! :) It is hard to be a student AND blog, but I always love reading your posts. Thank you for spending the time to share with us!

I also am excited to see your creations! (just like the title of your blog!)

sophia said...

Hey Yumiko! You've been MIA!! I was so happy to see your comments ^_^

Hehe if you were here I would cook you some food! If you are interested in the jewelry, you can see more at
But if you're going to place an order, message me first. I want to give a good deal for a blogger friend!!

Hope you're doing well and not too busy! I miss your posts!

sophia said...

OMG Yumiko I got so confused by your flickr photos!! I first thought all of them were you, but then they look so different and not like you I thought OMG that's so weird?! O_o And strange? LOL. Ok I figured out that they're not all you haha!

sophia said...

Oops hehe I misread your question! email me at kechiko[@] and I'll tell you where I order from^_^

audrey said...

yes of course :) it's still available