Spring Fever! Yesstyle: Ando Store

Spring is right around the corner and it makes me happy to see the sun once in a while. I've been trying to look for some inspirations to go out and take pictures. I love how the models look so pretty in their photoshoot. It just needs to stop being so cold! burrh.. I love these style for some reason. =/ until next time, I'll post review on my lens. <3 yumiko
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Irene said...

I love how the clothes are Winter transitioning to Spring!

Hope it's getting warmer now in TN!!! Stay warm! (Still pretty cold here in TX)

sophia said...

I love yesstyle models too! Always looking good and cute poses!

Ken said...

these models are always insanely skinny

guys dont like skinny chicks`

Iyah said...

Hi Yumi! Thanks for following my blog and leaving me some love! ♥ Feel free to hit me up anytime :) I'm following you now too :D