I've been attracted to the cute body sweaters that I saw on Irene post from Yesstyle. So I decided to purchase some items from Yesstyle. They are also having a V-day special. A free Kawaii Eye Doll tweezer so it's very good deal!

They have this eyecream that I've used before, but I ran out. I really like this product and I think i'm going to order it again! Black Raspberry Eye Cream (for wrinkle care). This contains black raspberry extract that has may anthocyanin content (active ingredient in antioxidants) that helps your skin from aging and damaging. It keeps my underbags moisturized all the time, since I apply a little of it before going to bed.

Also, my Laneige Strawberry Yougurt Peeling Gel and the Pack is is running out, so I am also going to stock up! ^_^ These two products go together with each other. The peeling gel has microbeads in it and is a lightweight exfoliating gel that applies on like a think waxy layer to remove the thin layer of dead skin on my face.

i like these simple fleece. it's cute and comfy to wear around the house.
Alrighty, night ^_^ i hope it snows tomorrow!<3 yumiko


Katie Ngo said...

they are really cute. I've ordered once from yesstyle. They have great quality. (: If you decide to buy from them, share your experience and what you think of them. (: <3

Katie Ngo said...

:X Unless you bought them already? (:

sophia said...

I love yesstyle! I bought so much stuff from them hehe.

Hmm a giveaway? Hehe I don't think I have enough readers to do one! What do you think I should give as a prize? Might have to wait until after v-day since it's in a few days....

Irene said...

Yayayayay! You must share what you got once the package arrives...are those pictures the items you purchased? :)

Can't wait, so excited for you!!!

sophia said...

Happy V-day to you!!!

Hehe I wish I could send you some strawberries!