Tokyo Kawaii TV: Fall Hair and Make-up Coaching

Lately, I've found a site that has videos of japanese style and fashion. Tokyo Kawaii TV. I use to watch this show all the time, but now it has stopped airing =(. Here's a few video snap shots of the makeovers that three girls had with their before and after looks. The first girl has small almond-shaped eyes with a monolid.

So the make up artists use an adhesive tape for the eye that is invisible to create a double lid false look. But you must apply some glue on the lid first. Then you have to press it down and make sure it adheres tightly and create the crease that you want.
The after effects of the tape on your eye and the use of false lashes give you bigger eyes. 
These are the pictures after make over! She's so pretty now!
Girl # 3's Makeover Before + After:
[Image sources: Nippon-Sekai]


Irene said...

I love makeover shows!!!! I think she was pretty before & after! :) Thanks for sharing!

audrey said...

hi yumiko, thank you for the comment^^
unfortunately i can't say exactly where i own all my beads, i have several different suppliers from all over the world, you can find a lot on google^^
have agreat day :)