Geo Angel Color Contacts

 Hey ladies, I finally decided to post up the color contact lens that I have been using lately. I absolute love them. I've been using them in the past and it doesn't hurt my eyes at all. I don't wear color cons, but, I like to change it up a little bit. ^
This color is Geo Angel Series in Nudy Brown.

These pictures are both Geo Angel Lens in Nudy Purple. I didn't like how it doesn't show up unless you take the picture in flash.

This one is my favorite color lens. I like the Geo Angel Series, and this is my favorite in Angel Grey. I like how there's a dark lining of the color.

Until then, I will post more.
<3 yumi


kechiko said...

Yumi! You look so pretty with those contacts!! Now I want purple contacts haha.

Keep posting stuff - I love reading your blog!

yumiko said...

thanks kechiko!

bowsnhearts said...

Hi, I love the contacts on you! I have been wearing coloured contacts for about 5 years! I am short-sighted so they help with my sight as well! Excuses for me to get more! Lol!

yumiko said...

bowsnhearts, which colors do you wear?

bowsnhearts said...

@yumiko, my favourite is brown because they are really natural. I have tried out various shades of brown though...from DM23, Geo Nudy, Geo Angel and a few others, ranging from 14.2mm all the way to 14.5mm. I just read that a 14.7mm is out and I really want to try that out.

I have tried out grey, violet and blue too. I love blue as well! It's like a dark blue!