H&M Shopping Spree

Hi loves,

The new school year has started and things are really hectic. Shopping is my remedy and I just went on a shopping spree at H&M (one of my favorite places). >,< I am addicted to laces right now and the new wave of colored pants. Pastel colors complement white laces and you can never go wrong with pink.

 I am also in a trend of trying new shirts and pants with vibrant colors and patterns to mach my ombre hair color now.

Hot magenta shirt.

 Sometimes I want to look girl and professional at the same time for school or on a date night. I love pastel and white color. I can't get enough of white clothes in my wardrobe since my skin tone is very fair.

It's the simple details on the pink shirt that just made me fall in love with it, especially the gold stud buttons.

I am loving the new handbag and colored pants with a simple lace top. Mix matching with colors and venturing out my comfort zone.

Other handbag obsessions.
 I got a simple cotton dress. Dresses aren't really my favorites.
I decided to go for something simple and cotton looking with just a little bit of details on the shoulder. I bought a pastel pink and black dress since I couldn't make up my mind.

Thanks for reading again. I have been cooking a lot and would be posting some recipes up next.



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misskatv said...

i love the detail of your lace blouse! :) nice haul btw.