FOTD Neutral Purple/ Rohto Lycee Eye Drop

 Hi everyone, I am doing a review on Rhoto Lycee Eye Drops for contact lenses.
Since I work in front of the computer all the time doing data analysis, my eyes get dried and tired. Sometimes they get really irritated. So I decided to invest in some eye drops that I saw from Eki's blog. 
There are two versions, one for normal eyes and one for contacts. I decided to get the contact version. They add moisture to eyes when wearing contacts relieving discomfort, blurriness, and eyestrain.

 It comes in a 8mL small square bottle like a perfume bottle. You open the top and squeeze 2-3 drops into your eyes. I thought my eyes were burning because it has a cool tingly sensation. But after a while my eyes were feeling icy cool. Rohto eye drops are known for their cooling and refreshing effect.

Active Ingredients:
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 0.5%
Potassium Chloride 0.08%
Sodium Chloride 0.44%
Sodium Bicarbonate 0.05%
Hydroxyethylcellulose 0.02%

Pros: Cool, tingly, and refreshing, eyes seem less irritated
Cons: hard to find, usually shipped from Japan, can find from ebay, price is $13

I purchased mine from bobodave and it took around 2 weeks for it to arrive.
 So I will purchase again and I would recommend to friend who work in front of the computer all the time or wear contacts.

I am also showing you another neutral purple look of mine. You really can't tell by the color because of the bad lighting in my room and the yellow cast.

This picture you can tell that one of my eye is bigger than the other. Also, my roots are coming out which makes my hair looks extra gross! I know..I need to pamper myself. ^_^
So embarrassed to show you my face. -_____-

So behold fellow lovelies with these pictures! This is a daily look that I wear to work. I want to keep it simple and easy. It only takes a couple of minutes to apply. I like the bare look with a hint of lilac color on my eyes. The key to the look is to make it look simple and clean. Sometimes too much makeup can make my skin feel like it can't breathe. So this is kind of like a "no makeup look" just to focus on my light pale skin. And mascara!!!

Sometimes, I get super lazy that I don't even put makeup It is hard to put makeup on since I have monolids. For some reason one eye is bigger than the other. I might need to invest in some eyelid tape to correct that flaw. I look crazy o_O

You can see how I blended the dark brown closer to my eyelash line and around the outer corner.
I layered the lilac purple on top of the brown and blended it upwards until it faded toward the color of the foundation. I also highlighted the brown bone with a light shimmer neutral tone.
I filled in my brows with NYX Taupe gently and applied two coats of mascara.
I finished my face with a light blush on my cheeks sometimes I use bronzer instead.

I made some brownies after work and they tasted delicious. Thinking of taking them to work for my co-workers to enjoy. =)

Thanks for reading my blog again!


Susalie said...

I like your "no makeup look"! Very fresh and natural looking :) The packaging for those eye drops is so cute. That's good that they help soothe your eyes!

Fern Li said...

I have those eyedrops too! :D
Nice daily look, its very natural :)
...and those brownies!! *-* they look so yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy!!!!!!!!!!!

AnnaYJia said...

I like your "no makeup look" too ! So nice and very suitable for day wear =)
I LURV the brownies too ~~~~~~~~~~haha...