Yogurt Mountain & Update

Hi everyone, work schedule hasn't gotten any lighter with school to top it off. *sigh* I feel like I was falling apart for the past two weeks since my body couldn't deal with the lack of sleep and cold weather. I have been trying to blog regularly. I give props out to the ladies who do. I don't post much, unless I find a huge amount of time. But I think I can make it simpler to post interesting photo of the day of what new events are going on around me.

I finally went to Yogurt Mountain to give it a try since I was around that part of town running some errands. I heard so much hype about it from co-workers and friends. The atmosphere is very friendly and  reminded me of TCBY but just green/purple layout. And of course "frozen yogurt!" They have so many flavors to die for. But I picked dulce de dulce (dulce de leche). I checked that some locations have Acai energy which is my absolutely favorite super fruit that I used to eat all the time when I lived in Florianopolis, BZ. I loved eating acai na tigela which consists of acai fruit slush with toasted granola cereal and sometimes they put banana.

So what's great about yogurt mountain, you get to weigh out how much you want and what toppings you want. It's just 45cents an ounce! So it's a great deal. It was broken down into 4 sections:

1. Yogurt
2. Toppings
3. Cold Bar
4. Sauces

They had a separate counter full of toppings ranging from : common cereals, candy bars, sprinkles, nuts, etc.

They also had fresh fruits like strawberries, bananas, blueberries, blackberries, etc. I found interesting was Mochi bites and yogurt bites that I tried. It didn't complement my dulce de leche flavor so I opted out. 

I didn't capture a photo that was further down on the right side of the fresh fruit toppings. They also offered Ghirardelli Chocolate Sauce/Caramel syrups, hot fudge, whipped cream, any sauce you can think of was there!
This caught my eye. Chocolate Rocks!! These look like real rocks, but tastes so good like a chocolate chunk inside.

So if you have one in your state, I definitely recommend to check it out!

So lately I have a craving for french pastry particularly MACARONS!!! They look very colorful and yummy, I thought I try out an online recipe this weekend. 

 Photo by Yuichi Sakakuraba

French pastry called Laudrée specializes in these macarons and other pastries. These photos are taken from the website. They just just made me drool over all of the treats since I have a sweet tooth. If I ever go visit Europe or Japan, I would love to try Laudrée. They have special cute boxes for your pastries when you make a big purchase or just want to give a simple gift to a friend.

Their pastries are to die for! 
 Le Saint Honoré Pistache Griotte
 Le Saint Honoré Fraise Coco
Le Saint Honoré Classique

French mini cupcakes are also delicious looking. They have Philippe Andrieu as their known french pastry chef who put his creation to make a colorful and beautiful cupcake.
visit Ladurée

So until next time loves. I update my cooking experience of making my own batch of macarons! =) stay tuned.



Fifi said...

OMG why did I view this post BEFORE I have my dinner. Now I crave for sweet desserts! Hahaha. The chocolate rock sounds like something I'd go crazy about XD

Tricia Isabela said...

Oh man, yogurt is the best, especially when there are so many toppings to choose from! Yogurt Mountain looks amazing~ ^__^ The macaroons look really good too!! I'm craving sweets now... xD

Ginger_snap54 said...

aw tiptaps, so fond of it when I was a teen.

Shop N' Chomp said...

Ooh, we need a Yogurt Mountain here! The closest we have is Yogurtland but it looks like you guys have way more toppings. XD

Macarons have a special place in my heart...

Fiona said...

so yummy looking! wish I could visit that Frozen Yogurt place, looks really coool (^^)

Elisa ❤ said...

that looked so yummy !!! they don't have those yoghurt stuff here xD want to try it out! and i like macaroons <3

Dolce Bunny said...

This post has been a very colourful post which made me extremly hungry now... and craving for sweets!!

Never in my life have I seen that much toppings!!!!!

Would love to try it some day! Loving all the macarons, they are just my favs ><

Irene said...

Hey Yumi!

I always love your posts, this one is so bright & colorful - there are SO MANY TOPPINGS I couldn't believe it at Yogurt Mountain! Over 5 times what toppings are offered here at Yogurtland!

I have never tried Macaroons but they look so GOOOOOOOD....yumyumyum, making me drool hehe

Take care and stay warm too Yumi - hope you're feeling better, don't forget to get your rest!