Natural Bronze Makeup Tutorial

 Hi everyone! 

So lately, I'm finally posting regularly and keeping up to date with my hectic schedule.
Here is my attempt to do a makeup tutorial. Keep in mind I am not a professional and that I am still learning. I don't have beautiful skin all the time and this is just a natural look using browns and bronzer.

 Here's a rundown of the products that I used for this makeup look. You can get these usually at any drugstore or makeup aisle.

Please be aware of my face without makeup. I do not look very pretty at all. ^_^ I don't want to scare you but I just want to warn you ahead of time.

 So to start off you want to have a clean face. You also want to apply toner to your face after daily cleansing to restore the water content.

You apply layer of BB Hot Pink foundation cream over your face. Make sure you conceal dark spots underneath your eyes and around your nose area. You want to set your liquid foundation with a matte powder finish. I used Rimmel Stay Matte translucent powder.

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Instant PUR Energizing Toner *discontinued*
Super BB Triple Function Skin79 Hot Pink
Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder

Sweep the lighter shade onto your lid. Blend the medium shade into your crease. Apply the lightest shade to your browbone and the inner corner of your eye. Blend the darkest shade into the outer corner and along lower lash line.

 It is very difficult for me to apply eyeshadow since I have monolids. So I try to apply a thicker eyeliner over my lids as close as possible to my eyelashes. Also, the center is thicker and then thinned outwards. Sometimes I tightline, or line my waterline underneath my lashes to create more dept.

Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Quad in 50 Sunlit Bronze 
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Taupe
L'Oreal Lineur Intense in Carbon Black
L'Oreal Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara (Primer/Base Coat)
 As you can see, my face is not proportional, one eye has a crease whereas the other one does not. This also makes one of my eye bigger than the other. So it's difficult for me to apply makeup and have a matching effect.

Cover Girl Bronzer
False lashes with winged-tip *from ebay*
Petroleum Jelly for lips/chapstick

You want to apply bronzer to contour your face and make it look slimmer. I don't use blush, but bronzer instead. 

I make sure I curl my lashes before mascara and after mascara before applying false lashes. Put a thin layer of eyelash adhesive glue and let dry before applying over your real lashes. You  can go back and curl to make sure they blend in together to get a natural look, and also use eyeliner to cover up any glue.
 Final product: Sorry if I wasn't smiling in the picture and my hair is really messy since I just woke up. I was planing on getting a haircut the same day, so I did not care to fix my hair up.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting me. ^_^ Let me know what I can add to my tutorial. I'm still a newby! Hope I didn't scare you away with my bare face.



Ashley said...

Aww.. It looks good and your bare face looks fine actually. No worries there! I'm monolid too but I do see that it will definitely be tougher by having one crease and one monolid. But you're doing good so keep it up!

Lulu said...

Hi Yumiko! Thanks for following my blog :) wow you have a lot of hit pans, so impressive :)

I really like the philosophy purity made simple face cleanser, you could grab a small size at sephora and give it a try? it is kind of weird and takes a while to get used to if you are used to the foamy kind of cleanser though, but it's perfect to be used with Clarisonic brush :)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Nice step-by-step tutorial! The Skin79 BB cream looks really natural on you. :D

Dolce Bunny said...

Good job! I really like what you did there!
I'm using the same BB cream and really love it!
Those lashes are really pretty considering they are from ebay!!

riya said...

Hey darling,
I understand that you have been busy! But I love the look you look great and well detailed! I love how the lashes look on you and those lashes look great!

Jen said...

I like your final look! Really pretty! :) I like how flirty your eyes look! :) Btw, I am a new follower :)

Kim Hye Rin said...

nice tutorial! I'm not a make up expert ^^

adriyah said...

Love the look!! I love step by step tutorial! looks really nice & natural :D