McDonalds: Sanrio 50th Anniversary Happy Meal

This is so cute!!! Right now McDonald's is giving away Sanrio watches with every girl Happy Meal you purchase.
My co-worker surprised me with the HK watch on my desk. It brightened my day up after taken an exam this morning. I want to collect all of them, because I am that crazy. =)

McDonald's tend to carry HK toys every year or so. This year's Sugarbunnies appears in two colors a brown one and a pink one. It's so kawaii!

When I looked back at last year's old watches that was in Feb, this year's look better. I was surprised and I even found my old Chococat watch. =^_^=

I collect these HK toys, and I don't even know what happened to my HK tumbler set 2yrs ago. Do you remember these?

Go get a Happy Meal and it'll make your day happier! =)



Tash said...

Omg, you're so lucky your happy meals prizes are so cute! Our one here in syd is so ugly :(

Anonymous said...

wow those are so cute! how come my local mcdonalds doesn't have toys like that -.-
so jealous! :(
Christina X

Dana Marie said...

I got the My Melody watch! I wish I had gotten more though :/