FOTD & Chococat =)

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to blog more often to keep you all updated. I have lots of reviews coming up with some beauty products that I have been using. So stay tuned! So recently my friend gave me a Chococat plush from Build-A-Bear workshop. It's so kawaii and I love Chococat. It has huge eyes and the head and eyes are very big!

It's time for a haircut and new color!  My hair is super long and the hightlighted color has shown up after dying it with Bigen's dark chestnut. I know my computer's camera takes pictures in warm tones and sometimes cool tones so you can definitely see how much my hair has grown from the root.
So I'm excited to get it done today. I will post more pics, so stay tuned.

Remember to stay HOPEFUL and keep your eyes WIDE-OPEN like Chococat!



Elisa ❤ said...

Chococat is so cuteeee =D !!

Anonymous said...

This is the cutest! I didn't knwo you could get these in build a bear D:

Pixie.D said...

(when I was young) I always thought chococat is the sister of XO LOL