Jill Stuart Cafe

I was searching about Jill Stuart Cafe. So kawaii ~_~ It makes me want to go there one day and try all there sweet delicious desserts. I love ichigo and the decor is so gorgeous with the pink design for the cups of sweets they serve. There's a Jill Stuart Cafe in Osaka and in Tokyo.

The first cafe was opened in Daimaru department store in Shinsaibashi in Osaka, Japan. Last year on 14 November.  It offers cookies, cupcakes, to waffles. Drinks that ranges from cafe, lattes, and teas. soups and sandwiches too!

They have a cute pink mug that is only exclusive in the Osaka location.

 Someone is selling them on in the internet since she is getting a pre-order of the LE items before she goes on holiday. The deadline was Oct 29. You can still email her but she won't guarantee that she can snag one for you guys. Click here >>>Fumiko's Blog<<

All of their sweets are severed in a pale tone pink and white stripped cup with their logo. Mostly made of fresh fruits and berries! These are pictures I found off from flickr from people who have been there.
Raspberry and chocolate banana waffles.

 Banana Chocolate and Rasberry

 This is taken on the opposite side of the cafe near the escalator.

Some dessert pictures taken from Walkerplus
 Marron and Rasberry Mont Blanc
 Banana Chocolate and Rasberry

 Plenty of Ice Cream- acai with yougurt. This reminds me of the a brasilian dessert i absolutely love called Acai na tagela.
 Mont Blanc
Strawberry Rasberry

 Now they have a renovated new 2010-2011 Winter Fall menu! More info can be read here: ufufugirls
 Next to the cafe they have Jill by Jill Stuart that houses cute tote bags and gifts.

Cupcake menu!



saranghaeyo said...

Oh my goodness.
They are delicious and cute! Perfect combination~ ^^

Calia Yang said...

OMG!! it looks so yummy and high end!!! I'd love to go there!

coffretgorge said...

that would be nice for a blogger meetup! ;) so kawaii!!!

♥ Starryxuan said...

It look so pretty! must be expensive :) yummm!

gingerSnap said...

had a hard night babe... Anyways luv your new posting makes me drooling :( have no Jill here in Germany.
Keep in touch.. Take care

Shop N' Chomp said...

Omg, I would love to go here one day! XD

Jo said...

Your photos are really bringing up the kawaiiness of the desserts. I feel like putting my hands through the screen and grab those delicious desserts!

Anyway, your last year's halloween party was cool. You totally look the part of the gypsy fortune teller. And wow... 2 Jesus and a Hello Kitty too!

dblchin (double chin) said...

Yums! U made me so hungry!!!

Anonymous said...

wowowwowo, jill stuart + food = <3

Anna YJia said...

omg I'm so envy !!! Argh gosh don't know when will I have the chance to travel to Japan >_<
Their desserts are so adorable !!!