Food Review: Emerald Thai

Hi everyone! =]

I decided to do a food posting of where I went to eat a week ago. I love spicy food and since I work at a Thai restaurant, I can't resist the spices.
 I went to Emerald Thai one weekend before heading to work and ate there with my sisters. I've been craving for the papaya salad.
 This is what we ordered and it was a lot of food for the three of us, but I was very stuffed afterwards @_@ going into work.  Price was very cheap and decent too!

 These are the spicy chicken wings that we ordered with sticky rice. They are stir-fried with onions and jalapenos peppers to add a kick to it.
 This is chicken pad thai, cooked the Thai way since we wanted it to be spicy.
 Lastly, my favorite! Papaya salad. It's made from green papaya and it was really spicy. I think they added habenero peppers to the dish along with green chillies! =3 yummy!
Overall I'll definitely go back there to order food and try out the Thai dishes.

sorry for the picture qualities. They were taken with my Sony Ericsson phone at the moment.



rae630 said...

Hey, hun! Thanks for commenting! Yum! I LOVE THAI FOOD! I had a REALLY close Thai friend in college and her mom used to prepare us Thai food for our study sessions. I'm sorry I've been MIA with blogging, I haven't had a lot of time lately. But I will do a post soon! <3 Rina

Anonymous said...

im drooling over your food pics hehe

Dolce♥Bunny said...

Oh YUMMMMMMMMMMM!! They look oh so yummy!! *drooooool*