Jay Chou's The Era

I'm very excited to hear that Jay Chou released a new album. This is his 10th album of his career and it's named "The Era"

According to Hong Kong media reports, 18th of May, Jay Chou's new album "The Era" was released in the whole of Asia, the pre-orders in Hong Kong have already reached 70,000, breaking the sales record of the previous album.

In the MV and on the cover of the new album, Jay Chou appeared as a vampire prince, he built three sets and even especially had a mechanical looking piano made, costing over 620,000 yuan, setting a record for an individual. In the MV for another song "It Rains All Night", Jay Chou continued to travel through time, turning into an ancient Chinese person playing the erhu, the most unique thing was that the MV unexpectedly facilitated something happy, a pair of cast who were originally lovers, during the filming the guy suddenly proposed to the girl, the girl was surprised and happy, the whole thing was filmed.

As for the new album, just the pre-orders in Hong Kong have already reached a record of 70,000. And in order to achieve a visual effect, the cover of the special tin version has a 3D image on the cover, he really went for broke.

Much anticipated after 3 years, Jay’s latest world tour will commence from 11th June, beginning from the Taipei Arena. Named "The Era", the world tour signifies Jay’s 10th anniversary entry into the entertainment industry.

I'm very excited and proud of him. The press conference it was revealed that there are already over 40 nights planned for Jay Chou's new tour "The Era Concert" in different cities around the world

He just finished all the album signings in Taiwan and A Mei disguised as fan, giving Jay a surprise in Gaoxiong before heading to her concert performance for that night at the same city.
 His album comes in a 3D METAL BOX with Calendar or Metal Badge with all his previous album covers as the limited edition. I really want one.

Here are a few pictures from his 完整版跨时代MV

Picture of Superman Can't Fly MV Photoshoot. I like the melody of the song. =)
Pre-order goodies from the Hong Kong Edition.
This includes personal Jay Chou stamps =] that I would really like to have and own. I love him. I love his creativity in his lyrics and music.
You also get a reusable tote bag and a postcard with his album work cover.

Taiwan Edition will include badges - if you preorder at record shops, and calendar - if you preorder at 7-11.
I'm so excited that I really want to purchase his CD. I wish I can go to his concert too in Singapore. Tickets are sold out and people have bought all the tickets and resale them for $1300 to get fans to buy it.


xbbkay said...

that car looks awesome. Congrats to Jay Chou. I've never realy been a fan of him, but my friend is pretty crazy about him

Fionaa ♥ said...

wooo Jay Chou (:

Shop N' Chomp said...

Omg, he has a new album out?! I am so buying it. XD

How are you btw, sweetie? :)