Graduation Updates Part 1

Updates from picture at work. I love the food and sushi that my work place makes. I was craving for sushi before my photoshoot with my graduation gown and dress before the big day. Spicy tuna roll and lobster roll from Bangkok Alley.
My friend ordered Chicken Pad Thai, it was yummy!

This was my makeup and dress outfit for my photoshoot that night. Hrm. I don't tend to wear a lot of makeup and it's very difficult to make my eyes look big since I have monolids. I got my eyebrows threaded to give my face some shape. And you can see that my hair color has faded out so it's not as orange as the first time I had dyed it.

Graduation pictures from May 14, 2010. Me and my favorite professor and my college mom. She super nice to me and I'm going to miss her a lot.


These are my college friends. These are very intelligent ladies. Look at all the awards and ribbons they got. ^_^ very proud of them!


My biology friend who I can relate to most of the time. Only chick who is cool enough to hang out with from my major. I just find a hard time to relate to the other people. I'm going to miss her since she is going back to the Motherland this summer.

I have so much to update on and so many pictures and happy events to share. This would be part one. I will be uploading more pictures so stay tuned.



Ken said...

congratulations yumi!

Susie said...

Mmm, looks yummy! Congratulations on graduating! That must feel AWESOME.

sophia said...

Your curled hair looks so beautiful!! And congrats!!!!!