Lush Facial Mask for Friend's Bday


My friend's birthday was today. She's finally 21!!! So I decided to give her some facial products for her skin from Lush. They have awesome products in the store, but I wanted to get her something special.

I got her these products: BB Seaweed Mask, Cupcake Mask, Herbalism: Facial Cleanser, and one small Ocean Salt Scrub.
The Cupcake  and the BB Seawead facial masks are made fresh and needs to be refridgerated when not used. I thought these two would benefit her skin problem with acne. I loved the smell of the Cupcake since it was very creamy and frosty like a moose. It claims that it suits oily and teenage skin with the since it has Rhassoul mud that removes impurities and the cocoa butter is known to smooth the skin out providing moisture.

I tried the Herbalism cleanser in the store. The lady was very nice and helpful. The texture is like a chalky paste and you have to apply just a little pit on your palm and lather it up with water to create a paste. It makes  my skin very soft and fresh since it uses a lot of plant/natural products. I might purchase this product. =)

BB Seaweed. I chose this product since I know that seaweed extract and sea water are both beneficial to the skin. The smell is very organic and natural since it contains honey and aloe vera, which both moisturzies and provides vitamins and minerals to the face.


Thanks for stopping by, I hope these products help her out! I'm a big fan of facial masks made out of organic products, but the lady says you can't order them online since they make it so fresh and it has to be refridgerated. I wish we had a Lush store nearby =(.

I also requested a sample trial of the Ocean Salt Scrub when I was shopping there. So I would be doing a review soon on my To-Do list!

Keep you updated and thanks for stopping by


Jade said...

yeh you should definatley give it a try! I think its the best mascara right now lol dried mango is amazing and ive run out nooooo :( need to get some more from china town lol. The cupcake mask looks DELICIOUS i think i may jst eat it.. lol

lisa (Makeupandlife*) said...

Lush smells amzing inside the shop. I was going to take some face masks with me the other day and some bath bombs. Smells heavenly....


Susie said...

Aw, you're such a sweet friend! I need to try out some Lush products for myself :/

Dana Yoshimizu said...


When you asked "Can I get a blue one?" What exactly did you mean? Did you want 'Something Blue' the blue keychain, or did you want me to make one of the other ones blue?

And RYQ about where I get my supplies. I get them for everywhere. I have several different suppliers who I go to.

M. said...

Thank you for the kind comment on my site hun. I have to admit, that cupcake mask looks edible. It's making hungry! Lols. What an awesome bday gift. :)

Thank you so much for the bday wish. I hope this year, you take out a whole month for yourself too. <3


Kimmi said...

aww thanx babes!

Yea I've heard doing more exercise before ur period helps alot...but I dunno if its true! But I must try it out, anythignt o get rid of the pains! I've put on so much weight aswell so I guess may aswell kill two bids with one stone and start exercising more :)

Oooo lush products I have never tried them because we have some stores in england too and I avoid going in because evertyime I walk past the store the smell is always so strong that it gets to me!

But I will deffo have a wonder since reading this post


Sh-Sh-Sh-Shaira! said...

The cupcake facial really looks like chocolate! And it smells like it too?
I might end up accidentally eating it >_<

Irene said...

Aaaah LUSH products! What a lovely gift, your friend will LOVE it!

Oh, and the photobox pictures look AWESOME! ;)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I could do that, and make a "Lavender Love" keychain in blue but it wouldn't come out looking as good because I don't have the same variety of blue crystals as I do the purple ones.

Susie said...

Oh! & to answer you about the skin care products...I think my mom bought them in a Korean store in LA but I'm not exactly sure where :/ I'm sure other Korean beauty stores will sell them as well though? I hope that helps :/

Charlotte said...

Lucky friend! I'd certainly be happy to receive this for my twenty-first. The herbalism cleanser looks good enough to eat!! It's dangerous how inviting LUSH products look sometimes XD

Princesa Livia said...

I'd love to try Cupcake :) x

Anonymous said...

wow the chocolate one looks edible! I'm sure she'll love your present for her :)

missadoll said...

your blog is thee cutest!
i just LOVE the pink lacey pouch!
cute cute cute! <3

- melissa