From Japan With Love

I was surfing the net and found this really awesome site: From-Japan-With Love. This is absolutely great if you are wanting kawaii cute stuff from Japan. All the pictures are from the site. Below is some pictures of plushes followed by misc. It's really cool so check them out. I found these things so adorable that I want to get. enjoy
This store has very cute items from japan. I can't believe they have agadashi tofu! It's my favorite.

Kawaii Cute Japanese Letter Set

I can't believe that Hello Kitty has oil blotting sheets!

I thought this is the most kawaii thing ever on this site. I really like the simple happy faces these items have. Makes my day happy too!


Anonymous said...

OMG SO KAWAII!!! Oh no another website to spend money on hahaha =/I must stop! I just paid for bank account is crying haha btw the lashes are way too long and does not look cute at all!

LittoMokaa said...

OMG! So cuteee! Thanks for sharing! <3 :D

Anonymous said...

Oh mannn! I want those blotting sheets! Toooo adorable.

sophia said...

Ahhhhhh すごくかわいい!!!! I want everything!!

Irene said...

Adorable!!! I love the little kitty (Nyanko? He likes to hide in foods!) and that tofu is too cute!!!

D's Beauty Corner said...

Too much cuteness in one post! LOL