Sorry lovely ladies for being MIA. I've just been very upset and frustrated with my schedule. I've been trying to get some free time for myself and just relax. I will be taking a trip to Nashville and finally pamper myself by shopping! I will post soon for you ladies!

Yesterday, I went to Stella Marris which means Star of the Sea. And I would have to say my overall experience was pretty interesting! I loved the place design and the layout. Reminds me of Brasil's clubbing, but of course they people here are not as friendly as the islanders of Brasil. =( The place is a dinnery by day and club/high end bar/restaurant at night.

I saw this from swtexcape's webpage and I thought it was so adorable! Since Vancouver is hosting the winter olympics and McDonald's has always been a proud sponsor. I love these cute miniature collections of the different types of events hosted in the games.


Irene said...

Yumi!!! :) I've missed you! I'm sorry you have been so busy with everything... You definitely deserve some YOU time.

I used to go to school in Nashville! (I did my undergrad degree @ Vandy) Which mall are you visiting? I liked Green Hills & The Opry Mills mall. They have a lot of pretty boutiques near campus too.

I hope you had some fun at the restaurant/club you visited & enjoyed your weekend! Please have a great week this week! ^_^

yumiko said...

Irene! Sorry for being Mia. I used to do a summer program there @ Vandy also so I know the area really well. I visited Opry Mills and didn't have enough time to go to Green Hills. Thanks for the wishes..I hope my week is better!

Love, Sweetcheeks said...

Pampering yourself with shopping? Oh my! I couldn't think of a better way :) I LOVE SHOPPING! Hehehe.....we speak the same lingo ;-)