I absolute love this picture! One of my favorites that I took one summer in a program in Nashville, TN.
I submitted this artwork and it was actually the cover for the poetry book. =) Time for studying for Cell Biology Test. Hope I do well..burrh the test is tomorrow, and it's just been so hectic with me ^.^
<3 yumi


Anonymous said...

Hey girl! Thanks, maybe later when I figure out how I can do a tutorial I will (: anywhoo...yeah bento boxes are soo yummy here (: yaaye your updating more! good for you hehe (: gorgeous pic!

grace said...

That's a very gorgeous picture!!
What camera do you use?

yumiko said...

beyond me: thanks girl! ^_^
grace: i am using a point-shot from panasonic lumix DMC-FX100, i want to get a SLR

Ken said...

very nice art =]